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Instagram Ads

When should you use Instagram Ads?

April 18, 2019

Instagram’s latest internal figures show there are 1 billion accounts active every month and they are posting, liking and commenting on images each month. Instagram is part of their life for one in seven people. There are 500 Million + Instagram accounts active every day. This means that there are 500 million potential people who […]


Instagram’s latest internal figures show there are 1 billion accounts active every month and they are posting, liking and commenting on images each month. Instagram is part of their life for one in seven people.

There are 500 Million + Instagram accounts active every day. This means that there are 500 million potential people who can interact with your business every single day- Is your business tapping into that?

Interestingly, 64% of users are between the age of 18 years – 34 years. Users under 25 years of age spend over half an hour on Instagram each day! Looking to get in front of the younger generation? You’re in luck.

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Instagram for Business Stats

If you thought that Instagram was all about selfies and food shots, you thought needs correction. In fact, there are more than 8 million business accounts that regularly publish on the platform. Why?

Because It’s the perfect place to connect with your audience socially.

Not convinced? Listen to this. 80% of Insta users follow a business account. And 30% of Users bought something they discovered on Instagram.

These are good enough statistics for your business to be exploring Instagram as part of your online marketing strategy!

Now that you understand the potential of being on Instagram, let’s discuss when you should be using Instagram Ads.


When to use Instagram Ads?

1) Exclusive announcements of new products and sales

If you have a sale coming up or new products being launched, use Instagram ads to let followers and non-follower know about an upcoming sale offer. Make it interesting by offering a sale only for those on Instagram.

When you are launching a new product give your followers a peep into your product to create mystery and generate interest.


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Martha Porter’s online shop, Buried Diamond, attributes much of its popularity to its Instagram page.

She sends out exclusive announcements of new products and sales so her followers can jump on the trend before anyone else!

“By posting shop updates with item release times on Instagram, I allow my customers to plan ahead and be ready to purchase right when new items go live,” Porter says. “My shop sells out quickly when I list popular items.”

By including announcements and sales on her Instagram, Porter manages to sell out stock, sometimes minutes after it is posted online, while also offering exclusive information to her IG fans.


2) Promote Events on Instagram and Share Exclusive Insider Access

If you have an upcoming event, Instagram is the place to generate interest for your event. You can target your IG ad as per demographic and interest of your audience and it will be shown only to those you have targeted.

Share exclusive insider access by geotagging. Only 5 percent of Instagram posts tag a location, but statistically, posts with a geotag get 79% percent more engagement!

Many brands use Instagram to promote events, using geo-tags to share the location and invite followers who are near the area


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In this IG ad, Disneyland is promoting its special after-hours event featuring special entertainment, themed food and surprises. Notice how they have provided a CTC Book Now button. Not a surprise they this event ad generated 666 likes and 63 comments within 10 hours of becoming live.


3) Increase your Instagram Followers

It would be heartbreaking to know that the awesome images you are posting on IG are being seen and liked only by few. It’s not enough to just post on Instagram you need a strategy to get more people on Instagram to see it and start following you.

To do this you can include # Hashtags in your post. Hashtags will widen your discoverability. They lump your posts together into communities linked by a keyword, remaining discoverable forever.

Now the question is how many Hashtags should be included in your post. Engagement has been shown to go down on posts with more than 5 Hashtags. Plus, it gives your post a cluttered look and you are looked upon being Salesy.

Many brands create a unique Hashtag for their post. The benefit of doing this is that it brings together all your content into an easily searchable collection. Plus, users can then place your unique tag on their own photos.


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This example from Starbucks also taps into a long-running, draw-a-week structure

Contests, especially Hashtag contests, make it easy for Instagram users to engage with your brand, and they incentivize them to do so.

Users submit their photo to your contest by adding a photo to Instagram and then tagging it with a campaign-specific Hashtag.


  1. Boost Engagement on Instagram to Strengthen Customer Relationships

So you’ve shared the content and you’re growing your followings, but how do you ensure that your followers develop into loyal, paying customers? The answer is By engaging!

If an Instagram photo is shared with 10,000 followers, it will get an average of 331 instances of engagement which is way more than Twitter. A similar post share on Twitter with 10,000 followers will get you 7 likes at the most. Surprised, aren’t you?


Here is how you can increase engagement with your followers:

1) Write Active, Inviting Captions

2) Increase your Instagram Engagement with Contests

3) Respond to comments, questions, and tagging from followers

4) Use tools for Instagram Shopping

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This ad works like a charm for pet lovers. Who doesn’t love a good pet-shaming? This naughty goat head-butting a car door is the perfect advertisement for a car insurance company- because who knows when a trip to the petting zoo could go awry.


  1. Let your followers know about your Customer Service

Provide great customer service through Instagram. Let your followers know that you don’t just care about sales but also solve queries and provide great after sales service.

Post “How to use” videos of your product, answer before and after sales query. You can also post most Frequently Asked Questions with great pictures of your products.


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You’re probably thinking, is 1 minute enough time to make a truly useful how-to video? The short answer is yes. You’d be surprised at what you can accomplish.

In this short video, Nikon shows viewers how to take high-speed photos with a DSLR camera



There is no doubt that Instagram is the perfect place to connect with your audience socially. With stunning posts and videos, you can increase your followers, post engagement and post likes.

You can use IG to increase brand recall by rewarding your followers with a price for participating in the competition. You can launch a new offer and products exclusively for your IG followers.

So your next step is to work on an online marketing strategy that will build your following on Instagram and increase your sales.

If you need hand holding with Instagram Ads then give us a call, we will be glad to help you grow your business with Instagram.

If you are already into Instagram Marketing then share your experience on this platform in the comments section below.

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