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What is a Front End Website?

What is a Front End Website?

There are two key areas in website development, these are front-end and back-end. A front end website is customer-facing and static, providing information and visual media, but with no user-side functionality.

The front end of a website is described as everything the user interacts with, without adding in back-end functionalities.

A front-end website is by no means lesser than a back-end website, rather it performs a specialised function for your business. Front-end is the more desired choice when you wish to create an online presence for your customers to find you on, and market your services or products.

It does not require any additional functionality such as user logins and profile creation. Front-end websites allow you to publish information, media, and news manually that your visitors can see and interact with.

This makes it the desired style of website for businesses such as restaurants, construction companies, or retailers providing an online brochure. These websites have important sales information, but ultimately will not interact with customers through the website.

A front end website is an excellent lead generation tool. Although front-end websites lack the functionality of back-end websites, they are not hindered in their ability to generate leads.

This is due to contact forms that require no login data to submit, which can be lead to and highlighted by call to actions placed throughout the website.

Prospective customers are able to submit their interest through this form, providing their own contact information. This can be used to follow up leads, and even add to your mailing list further encouraging their conversion.

A huge benefit of front-end websites especially when compared to back-end or full-stack, is their cost-effectiveness.

A front-end website requires development and design, however it’s simplistic nature (and not requiring intricate back-end functionality) means that front end websites yield a much higher return on investment.

The simplicity of a front-end website, is also a huge benefit for your customers. A front end website by necessity is well laid out, in order to provide clear paths to the information that the visitor needs.

With an easily navigated layout, user experience of your website will be much higher, making them much more likely to convert.