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What is an Ecommerce website?

What is an Ecommerce website?

An Ecommerce website is a website that facilitates digital online transactions of goods and services through the transfer of information and funds via the internet. Online shopping as we know it.

With the emergence of e-commerce coupled with technological advancements in how people browse the internet, e-commerce has risen to become an incredibly potent sales tool, connecting you with customers from around the globe.

E-commerce sites are used in a range of businesses, including B2B, B2C and even C2C, as a primary and secondary revenue stream. By making use of the much shorter distribution chain, costs are kept low and the highest returning profit is achieved.

However e-commerce finds usefulness in many more businesses than the standard online retail that is often attributed to. In fact, many other industries are analysing their businesses to take advantage of e-commerce due to it’s benefits of being cheaper and more convenient for customers.

Consultancy websites for example, have begun to utilise e-commerce as a means of automating their payment process. Music portals that distribute individual songs and albums, offer different options for customers wishing to buy online.

With mobile technology rising, the importance of utilising ecommerce and finding great web development services have risen as well. With the implementation of ecommerce to your business, you allow customers to perform transactions with your company wherever they are browsing.

With over 52% of all website traffic being conducted from a mobile device, the ability to perform transactions with customers on the move is vital to harvest the full potential of your ecommerce website.