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What is a Backend Website?

What is a Backend Website?

When creating a website there are two key areas of web development, front-end and back-end. A backend website is the desired option for allowing user-side functionality.

There is often some confusion here, as a front-end only website is possible, but a back-end only website is not. Therefore the question isn’t do you want front-end or back-end, but rather do you require a back-end to accompany the front-end?

The back-end of a website refers to everything the visitor doesn’t see on the screen, the server, databases, APIs, and operating systems that power the front-end that the visitor interacts with.

The back-end is responsible for carrying out the functions that the front-end cannot. Client-side scripts run in the browser and process requests that do not need to be sent to the server.

The server, runs back-end server side scripts that process and respond to the request made by the user, displaying the results on the front-end for whatever request was made. The two sides of the website work together, sharing the load between them to maximise the efficiency of both.

Backend website functionality is sometimes mandatory for your business, depending on your industry.

Typical examples of back-end websites include recruitment businesses, who use APIs (application programming interfaces) to transfer data from the server and the software on the front-end that requests it.

Another common use of back-end is in social medias, who house gargantuan amounts of information on a back-end server, that can be requested through the web page to display on the front-end.