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Facebook Ads

What are Facebook Ads?

April 2, 2019

Facebook is the biggest social network in the world, with 2.27 billion active users, nearly 1.5 billion of whom are active every day. Do you see the opportunity for your business to reach as many as 1.5 billion active users every day with Facebook Ads?


Facebook is the biggest social network in the world, with 2.27 billion active users, nearly 1.5 billion of whom are active every day. Do you see the opportunity for your business to reach as many as 1.5 billion active users every day with Facebook Ads?

Facebook advertising is becoming known as one of the cheapest ways to advertise online, undercutting the likes of Google ads and traditional web ads. Not only that, but Facebook also allows you to be much more targeted with advertising, you can precisely select your target market with advanced targeting options, making it more effective than other methods of online advertising.

There is a common understanding that Facebook ads are only for B2C service and products and there is no place for B2B advertisers. But with over 2 billion active users on Facebook you can target your ideal client, even if it’s a CEO of a business operations manager, IT director, they’re probably on Facebook and can be targeted with Facebook ads that are relevant to their business life as well as their personal life.


Why should a business use Facebook advertising?


1) Your Target Audience in on Facebook

Most users check their Facebook page multiple times per day. Regardless of who your customers are, they are using Facebook. And, they use it daily. Therefore, one of the most important benefits of Facebook advertising is that your customers use it daily.


2) Facebook advertising is the most targeted form of advertising

A major benefit of Facebook advertising is its ability to reach your exact audience. Facebook is the most targeted form of advertising. You can advertise to people by age, interests, behaviour, and location. If you really know your customers, you can use Facebook advertising to engage with them.


3) Facebook Advertising is the cheapest form of advertising

Another major benefit of Facebook advertising is that it is one of the cheapest forms of advertising. You can literally spend less than £2 and reach 1,000 people. It does not make sense to spend more in radio ads, television commercials, billboards, and other traditional media to reach the same audience.


4) With Facebook advertisements, you can sell even without a website

With Facebook advertisement, you can sell your product to your customer there and then without even the need to leave Facebook thus maximizing user experience.


5) Facebook organic reach is reducing

Another reason you should be considering using Facebook advertising is that due to a recent Facebook algorithm change, it’s becoming harder for your audience to see your business posts. Even if you have thousands of likes and interaction on your page, Facebook is favouring “personal connections” over business content. What this means is that the only way your business will be seen on the social network by a large number of people is through Facebook ads.


6) Facebook advertising increases word-of-mouth and referrals

The social aspect of Facebook advertising makes it better than any other form of advertising that exists. Facebook advertisements can literally go viral. If your Facebook ads are reaching the right audience, they will like it and also share it with a friend. The ability to spread word-of-mouth and referrals will be a significant benefit your business can capitalize on by using Facebook advertising.


7) Facebook advertising builds engagement

The biggest advantage of Facebook ads is that it builds instant engagement with your target audience. Engagement consists of the likes, comments, and interactions on your advertisements. As people engage with your brand, your brand recall is being developed. The more engaged your audience is, the stronger your connection is with them. The more connected they are to your business, the more likely they will convert. Investing in Facebook Ads can dramatically increase your engagement.



Facebook is the most cost-effective advertising investment any business can make. The benefits of Facebook advertising are endless. You can double your business growth with Facebook advertising if you are a new brand you can create brand awareness and work on building through facebook. It is cheaper than almost every alternative source of advertising. The targeting options are more precise than other channels of advertisement. Your target audience is there on facebook checking their accounts right now! Go out and reach them!

If you need help and can’t go alone in the Facebook Ads world then give us a shout! Schedule a call to discuss your advertising needs.

Still, have questions before you dive into a full-blown Facebook advertising campaign. We definitely understand. Feel free to leave your questions in the comments below and one of our Facebook ad specialists will answer them for you!


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