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The Value of Performance

The Value of Performance

Website hosting plays a huge role in determining the speed at which it performs. A website that does not perform to customer’s expectations can result in losses to traffic, conversions and customer loyalty.

It is essential for any brand with an online presence to ensure their hosting services are providing the best performance possible, as it plays a vital role at all stages of the conversion chain.

Poor website performance damages a website’s search engine optimisation. Search engines rate pages in many ways, one of which is a website’s page load speed.

The slower a website loads, the lower it is judged and the further down in search engine results pages your website will be placed.

After establishing a good pagerank for your website, website performance then plays a key role in ensuring the abandonment rate of your website is as low as possible. 40% of users abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

In order to create the best possible user experience to encourage traffic to convert, a well performing website is mandatory. Conversions are equally affected by poor website performance, with a 1 second delay in page response time resulting in an average 7% reduction in conversions.

Should your traffic convert however, ensuring their loyalty and return custom will also be partially dictated by website performance. 52% of online shoppers say a fast website is a must for their brand loyalty.

By securing reliable and fast web hosting services for your website you can ensure website performance is maximised, ensuring its effect across your conversion chain is as positive as possible.

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