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The Value of Data Backups

The Value of Data Backups

All businesses run on data. It is vital for any business to not only secure this data or have data backups but ensure a continuity plan is in place to ensure that digital data loss does not cripple your business.

Backing up data creates a copy of data that can be used to restore any damaged, corrupted or lost data that your business relies on to run.

Data loss can be caused in a number of ways. The leading cause is hardware malfunctions, responsible for 44% of cases. Human error accounts for 32%, with 39% of all data loss incidents caused totally on accident.

It is essential to have contingency plans such as backups in place, allowing you to protect against unavoidable incidents that could have catastrophic effects.

Data backups can be created in a number of ways. Most commonly, backups are a file on a personal computer, offering little to no real security for that vital information.

Hackers are responsible for 67.2% of business data loss, demanding that serious consideration must go into the security of your backup files. The most effective method is using online data backups.

Unlike other forms of backing up such as unreliable/unsecure memory sticks and tape, no human interaction is required which minimises the chance of human error.

All data is encrypted across the internet to a high security data centre, providing much higher security than other methods.

Martian Marketing understand the importance of providing security in the worst case scenario, and reducing any possible damage to an online business.

We provide secure hosting services and create frequent backups to restore your site instantaneously in the event of lost, damaged or corrupted data.