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Put Your Brand as Twitter's Upcoming Trend

Connect More Mature, Educated Audience on the Earth’s Most Updated Social Platform

Through Twitter, you can connect, engage and promote your products and services to over 300 million monthly active users.


Up To Date

Whenever you ask anyone about Twitter, you will notice that most people agree that Twitter is the most updated social platform. Viral content? Twitter. News? Check Twitter. Connecting Celebrities, decision makers, business owners or even politicians? Twitter.


What makes Twitter so unique? Simplicity and maturity. According to research, Twitter exceeds the world’s largest social platform, Facebook, in terms of maturity. As users ages from 18-29 are 37% of Twitter users, while those users are 30% of Facebook users. in terms of education, College-educated users are 38% of Twitter users, while they are 33% of Facebook users.

Attract Your Prefered Audience

Twitter allows you to attract your prefered audiences, as it already attracts a specific type of people who are willing to read what’s new, what’s viral, and connect with successful examples from all over the world.

What drives business owners to advertise on Twitter, is that Twitter users are interacting with brands in a highly motivated way, consider these facts:

  • 66% of Twitter users have discovered a new SMB on the platform.
  • 84% of Twitter users share their positive experience on the platform.
  • 94% intend to purchase a product from a brand they follow on Twitter.
  • 41% have completed a purchase after seeing an Ad on Twitter in the past 30 days.

See what you can do with Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads let you build a tailored campaign around your goals, audiences, and budget. With no minimum spend and flexible management options, we give you the power to promote Tweets, drive traffic to your website, and attract new account followers.

Promoted Trends

Promoted Trends appear on the top of the Trending Topics’ list on Twitter according to your geographical preference and is clearly marked as “Promoted”

Ads powered by AI

Martian Marketings custom developed data and technology empower your campaigns with highly and targeted accurate Ads placements and bids to maximise your ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Twitter Ads?

Twitter recommends users for people to follow; promoted accounts puts these accounts at the summit of the queue and are a way for brands to earn more followers. Promoted Tweets. This is the big one. Promoted Tweets are tweets that are ads.

Are Twitter Ads effective?

Click through rates are a beneficial evidence of effectiveness, and research shows that Twitter Ads have higher average click-through rates than other ad channels. Promoted Tweets have shown average engagement rates of 1 to 3 percent, which is much higher than the average for conventional banner ads.

Do promoted Tweets work?

Promoted tweets work like regular tweets but can reach larger people who are excited in your business. If your purpose is to drive a specific action via Twitter, promoted tweets are an excellent way to encourage engaging content. Promoted tweets can: Drive website traffic by inviting users to click on your soundest content.

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