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Instagram Ads

Top 10 Instagram Ads Campaigns

April 18, 2019

For many B2B companies, Instagram may seem like unexplored territory. You may have several questions in your mind, like “Are my prospects even using it? Is it worth my time?” Statistically speaking, it’s definitely worth your while;   Here is some Jaw dropping statistics on Instagram 1) There Are 1 Billion Accounts Active Every Month […]


For many B2B companies, Instagram may seem like unexplored territory. You may have several questions in your mind, like “Are my prospects even using it? Is it worth my time?” Statistically speaking, it’s definitely worth your while;


Here is some Jaw dropping statistics on Instagram

1) There Are 1 Billion Accounts Active Every Month

2) 500 million people use it every day.  

3)  64% of Users Are Between 18 and 34

4) There Are More Than 8 Million Business Accounts

5) 80% of Insta Users Follow a Business Account

6) 60% of Users First Heard About a Product On Instagram

7) 30% of Users Bought Something They Discovered on Instagram

8) 78% of Big Retail Brands Have Shoppable Instagram Account

9) Instagram Has the Highest Engagement Rates Across All Social Media

10) 80% Of Influencers Prefer Instagram for Brand Collaborations

The key to success with Instagram ads is a design that takes your breath away. Designs that are show stoppers. So What makes a good Instagram ad?


There are several aspects:

  • Your Instagram ad design must catch the viewer’s eyes and stop them from scrolling down.
  • Create a different ad for your Facebook and Instagram campaign (1200×628 px vs. 1080×1080 px).
  • You must find a strong unique value proposition (USP).
  • Optimize your audience as per demographics & interests
  • Do A/B testing to find out which ad is getting more engagement
  • Use videos where you can


So how can you create Instagram ads that won’t fail?

Here’s a lineup of the best Instagram ads of 2018, including their results and key takeaways of why they worked.

Are you ready to learn from their success and do better?


Top 10 Instagram Ad Campaigns

1) HubSpot

HubSpot’s Instagram Ad is super simple. You could create it in less than a minute.

The bright colours and a copy will catch many people’s attention in the Instagram newsfeed. When you show viewers a bright colour background with an interesting text they are bound to stop and have a peep, WHY? because there is an element of surprise. Viewers are used to seeing photos in their newsfeed and not Bright Backgrounds.


Key Takeaways

  • Use bright colours – People’s brains are wired to notice bright colours and associate them with positive feelings.
  • Use simple ad design – In the crowded Instagram newsfeed, simplicity is often the key. Test ads that include only background + copy.


  • Use the correct ad size – We can’t help but wonder how much more efficient this ad would be when created as a square image… It would take up more space in the newsfeed, and draw even more attention.


Nike’s footwear technology is among the best in the world, and the same can be said about their social media strategy.

Nike teased the launch of their React running shoe with a visual break down of the shoe in their Instagram campaign. The initial teaser pictured the foot of a mannequin set on a stack of sponges, pillows, and springs, hinting at the comfort that the running shoe provides.

Nike’s caption answered the user’s curiosity by confirming the launch of a new running shoe and announcing its launch date.

The next post in this Instagram campaign was a video of the shoe that also introduced its name. With almost 7 million views, it is the most viewed Nike’s video in 2018.


Key Takeaways

  • An image worth a hundred words. The image speaks loud about the comfort the new running shoe provides without having to say a lot about its features.
  • A teaser of the new product launch generates curiosity amongst the viewers and they follow the product and engage with the post wanting to know more.


3) National Geographic

Simple yet great photography! The core of Instagram is in its photography, and National Geographic is no stranger to stunning shots. They consistently provide engaging, beautiful photography that continues to please their 86.8 million followers.


Key Takeaways

  • Whether it’s photography, clever hashtags, or funny captions, find a way to highlight your expertise. You don’t need gimmicks, just a little expertise. Find your angle on Instagram and stick with it.
  • Your Ad text plays an important role in generating engagement for your post. Here Nat Geo photographer has tried to create a story around his click which not only engages viewers but a load of them will follow the photographer @paulnicklen, wanting to know more about the two black bear cubs.


4) The Dots

The Dots’ Instagram Ad combines a colourful background image with an in-image value proposition which tells you exactly how The Dots can help.

While the in-image copy is a little bit difficult to read due to low contrast, the image looks impressive and eye-catching.


Key takeaways:

  • If you use stock photos, use good ones – if you cannot create your own image then buy one from stock photos. However, do not include an overused free stock photo. Make sure people haven’t seen your ad image before otherwise, your ad will fail to create the impact.
  • Listing your well-know business customers as social proof in the ad copy helps to increase trust in your brand. Note that this tactic requires the approval of your clients.
  • Select the right call-to-action – Instagram allows you to select between several CTAs. Use the call-to-action that’s closest to your goal.


5) Adidas Neo

One way to market your product is to spend millions of pounds on expensive ad placements. Another way is to let your audience do the legwork for you.

As part of a campaign to promote their Neo brand, Adidas asked their followers to create Adidas-inspired Instagram posts with the Hashtag #MyNeoShoot.

The best content creators were then invited to model in a professional photo shoot, the results of which would be rolled out on the Adidas Instagram channel. To help spread the word about the contest, Adidas enlisted the support of one of Instagram’s most popular celebrities: Selena Gomez.

Adidas generated 71,000 mentions of the #MyNeoShoot hashtag and gained 41,000 new followers.


Key Takeaways:

  • It shows that an imaginative contest is enough to engage your audience
  • This ad highlights the power of social media influencers
  • Use of unique Hashtags populates all your content in a single Hashtag which viewers can follow


6) Dollar Shave Club UK

Dollar Shave Club recently launched in the UK, and with it came pop-up free shave shops and partnerships with social media influencers. One of the touch points of the campaign has been a comedy, and it’s clear in the image above. The company uses humour to its advantage, catching users attention with relatable situations that link back to the company’s message.


Key Takeaways

  • A little humour goes a long way. Find a way to put some life into an otherwise “boring” subject, and even industries like shaving can succeed on Instagram.
  • A black & white image which is otherwise not so common on Instagram worked well when it came to catching attention.


7) Airbnb

The best campaign ideas are born through your entire marketing collateral. Images, copy, the tone of voice. The right idea can inform the lot – regardless of the channels you are working with. Unfortunately, brands often make the mistake of thinking that coming up with a snappy tagline alone will cut it. Airbnb is not one of them.

The campaign tagline ‘Don’t just go there, live there’ is a forceful sentence which pushes you to the edge to take a decision. Airbnb backed it up perfectly on their Instagram channel, posting user-generated photos from both hosts and guests. It gives users a perspective they can engage with. And it earns Airbnb thousands of likes per post.


Key Takeaways

  • Engage with your audience, offer them the opportunity to get showcased on your Social Media Profile.


8)  The Kooples

Here’s another Instagram ad example featuring apparel. Notice how the photographs have been taken by a professional photographer, showing the clothes in a good light. Moreover, the ad copy lets the viewer know that there’s a SALE going on which results in the increase of the ad’s click-through rate.


Key takeaways:

  • Use emojis – Include emojis in your ad copy to make your ads more interesting. Read how to use emojis in your Facebook ads.
  • Add up to 10 carousel cards – Do not limit yourself to 2-3 carousel ad cards – you can add up to


  • Each carousel card can have a different sales message, Like 25% off, Shop Now, Limited Stock-Hurry Up


9) Blinkist

Blinks Labs GmbH, commonly known as Blinkist, is a German book-summarizing subscription service based in Berlin, Germany. It was founded in 2012. It has about seven million users. The service provides summaries of more 2,500 bestselling non-fiction books, 15-minute reads, otherwise known as blinks or book-in-blinks.


Key Takeaways

  • The message in the ad is so powerful that it leads the viewer to take an immediate action – which is Install the app
  • The image in the background help you understand the service along with the copy of the ad which reads get over 2000 nonfiction book summarized which you can listen to or read in less than 15 min


10) Zaful

This Instagram ad example by Zaful has divided the ad image into several pictures, creating a mosaic effect. That’s a smart idea to showcase different sides/elements of your product in a single ad image (if you are not using carousel ads).


Key takeaways

  • Test mosaic images – If you want to show multiple aspects of your product, test dividing your ad image into multiple image blocks.
  • Combine mosaics with carousel ads – You could use the mosaic-style image as the first card in your Instagram carousel ad, and then include each mosaic image in a close up as individual carousel ad images.
  • Use Hashtags – Instagram is all about Hashtags. Did you notice the #FreeShipping Hashtag in the ad text? Using Hashtags will make your ad feel more like it belongs on Instagram.



Creating a compelling campaign is easier said than done!

The key is to draw from proven marketing tactics: influencer marketing, social movements, user-generated content, current events, interesting #Hashtags.

Remember, Instagram is photo-driven, but the meaning behind those photos is what really counts.

By incorporating those proven marketing elements, you’ll be on your way to Instagram success in 2019.

If you are new to the world of Instagram Marketing and not sure where to start, send us a message and we will be glad to help make your Instagram Marketing Journey a huge success.

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