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The Importance of Management

The Importance of Management

Having an online presence where you can be found by customers on social media is a start. However to truly maximise the potential of a business’ online space, social media management is required.

With social media management, content is created and shared directly from your page, building up the social following behind your business and spreading brand awareness. By transmitting a strong and stable brand presence through consistent uploads, you maximise recognition of your brand.

With the creation of useful, relevant content to your target audience, your posts can be shared by followers, or boosted through paid methods that further enhance your reach.

Managing to keep ahead of social trends is a huge part of social media management, as it ensures your business utilises the most innovative methods to make impressions on your audience.

Over a third of the global population use social media today. It is vital to engage with this demographic as effectively as possible. The usage of viral videos, behind-the-scenes media and brand “storytelling” videos, can maximise your engagement with prospective customers and allow you to show a new face to your business that people can connect with, trust, and convert their custom to.

Social media can be a powerful tool to reach, inform and convert audiences. However knowing what social media channels to take advantage of is key. Each social media channel can perform a unique role for your business.

Facebook, by far the most popular channel, is used by 22% of the world’s population. However, 81% Millennials check Twitter at least once per day, and more than 56% of online adults use multiple social media accounts.

Understanding which social channels should be pursued or ignored is a key aspect of social media marketing and management. Whilst it may seem wise to simply pursue every social media channel for maximum engagement, that will not be the case.

If your business promotes a product or service that does not translate well to a certain channel, your brand will be weaker on that channel compared to it’s more successful social medias.

This does not show a strong company presence, which is vital to establishing a strong, trustworthy image on social media.

By using only the most effective and relevant channels to your business and your target audience, you maximise your cost-effectiveness and engagement in the most efficient manner possible.