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The Importance of Influencers

The Importance of Influencers

Influencer marketing is still a new and exciting area of social media marketing. At it’s core, influencer marketing relies on the positive word of mouth from a recognised expert from your industry that has a large social following.

By getting an influencer to mention your product or your brand, your brand is essentially publicised to that influencer’s entire following, which can be anything from a few thousand, to millions of users.

With the positive recommendation from an influencer, your brand can receive increased exposure to possibly millions of people, who are fans of that influencer and your shared industry.

Now, 49% of people rely on influencer recommendations in order to make an informed purchase. With growing importance on the words of influencers, 37% of marketers are dedicating a budget specifically for influencer marketing. Those businesses who don’t adopt this new, effective way of reaching target audiences, will struggle to keep up.

Despite the surge in visibility and recognition for your brand, influencer marketing also has colossal financial advantages when compared to other advertising forms.

In fact, influencer marketing yields an ROI that is 11x that of traditional advertising methods. 96% of people believe that the advertising industry does not act with integrity, putting less and less faith in traditional advertising methods, turning instead to influencers.

This demonstrates the importance of utilising innovative and unconventional marketing methods in order to achieve the best results possible. Influencer marketing is a method that only grows in popularity and importance each year.

With 70% of marketers believing that a long-term influencer ambassador is more effective, now is the time to begin considering your future marketing plans and how to take advantage of this booming advertising style.