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The Importance of Communities

The Importance of Communities

The end goal of business’ social media channels is to accrue a community. Social media communities can be defined as a large collection of voluntary followers to your social channels.

These people have opted in to your messages, show obvious interest in your brand and more than likely have been converted already.

However once a community has been cultivated, it is important to make sure that you are utilising it correctly, in order to receive the maximum benefit of this powerful asset.

Social channel communities naturally encourage engagement. With simple engagement tools implemented, such as an openly posed question, interaction between members of your community can be boosted significantly.

Furthermore, this results in more brand messaging spread throughout social media, further strengthening your brand and maximising your potential reach in an organic way.

Forums and messageboards are also tools that can foster engagement between your social media followers, with each message and post bringing your followers closer to your brand.

Another important aspect of social media communities is their ability to social proof your business. Before undertaking a transaction, a customer is likely to search for your company online, in an attempt to check your business for legitimacy and quality in the case of reviews.

In fact, 81% of shoppers research online before making big purchases. By having a great social media marketing campaign and engaging with your social media communities and encouraging user reviews of your services and products, you unlock a powerful tool to drive up conversion.

Studies show that 70% of customers say they look at product reviews before making a purchase. With the help of a social media community behind your business, you can ensure you have up to date and persuasive reviews of your products, increasing your chance of conversion massively.