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Online Reputation Management: A Beneficial Part of an Online Business

Online Reputation Management: A Beneficial Part of an Online Business

In today’s world, the internet provides an on-demand service to check a business’ background. What is found through a search of your business is often the determining factor in how your brand’s interaction with that customer will lead.

64% of people trust a search engine’s results, so it benefits you to ensure the search engine results are only positive. That is the purpose of ORM (online reputation management).

Effectively managing negative publicity about your business can limit the damaging effects they have. Businesses with mostly 1-2 star reviews will fail to convert 90% of their potential customers, and this effect can be catastrophic for a business.

ORM seeks to limit the negative aspects of a brand, through methods such as customer complaint resolution or through the removal of damaging material found in search results.

Online Reputation Management can benefit your business by increasing your conversions. Just as a key part of ORM is limiting the negative reviews left about your business, the promotion of positive reviews offers the opposite effect.

Ensuring organic, positive reviews about your business are published can be a crucial sales tool for your business, as more and more trust is placed by customers in user reviews over advertising.

ORM is also a crucial part of building trust with your customer base. By the resolution of negative materials online in a transparent fashion, you can demonstrate the values of your brand and the importance of customer service. Working in the customer’s interest, boosts trust in your brand and encourages further conversions.

Martian Marketing provide online reputation management solutions to protect the online reputation of any business.

We create influential strategies to encourage positive reviews from your customers and clients whilst limiting or removing negative materials that could detriment future customer perception.

In the event of a reputation crisis, you will have a team on standby ready to limit fallout and repair damage to your brand.