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Mastering Your Own Brand Recognition Strategy

Mastering Your Own Brand Recognition Strategy

Brand recognition is building your brand and using it as a tool to inform people about your business. Through marketing and advertising strategies you increase the awareness of your brand, increasing your sales and opening the possibility of repeat customers.

With your competitors all seeking their own distinctive place online it is vital to reinforce recognition of your brand in your customers, to maximise growth and persistently increase sales.

Brand recognition is most effectively increased through content marketing strategies, through the use of branded content released at a consistent rate.

89% of B2B marketers cite increased brand awareness as a content marketing goal, compared to 85% for sales, and 80% for lead generation. This shows that modern marketing efforts are realising the massive value in achieving brand awareness over their competitors.

Mastering a consistent strategy to increase brand recognition is rewarded effort, as it takes on average 5-7 impressions before a customer will remember your brand.

In order to achieve efficient brand recognition, synchronised marketing strategies and branding solutions are by far the most effective. With the creation of content across multiple channels, you can create impressions and brand recognition in a faster, more effective way.

Martian Marketing specialise in synchronised marketing, using multiple channels working in unity to a greater effect than they can alone.