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When your target market is searching your business and making decisions based on what they find, it becomes integral to control your brand’s story. We optimise your online image by proactively interacting with your audience and managing the materials that surround your brand online.

Higher Trust

A good online reputation generates trust in your customers and promotes their conversion, as 90% of potential customers look to online reviews before visiting your business.

Less Risk

By resolving the problems of any unhappy customers online, we publically demonstrate your customer service prowess and reassure future customers of their buying decision.

More Profitable

Companies with high star ratings and reviews get much more business than those who don’t, with each 1 star increase in a Yelp rating causing a 5-9% increase in revenue.

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The truth is everyone who has a business online requires online reputation management to some extent. Today’s world is an online social world where anyone can talk to anyone and say anything they like without contestation. No laws have been installed to control the credentials of online users, allowing for people to post anonymously, or pose as someone they are not.

We manage your online reputation by ensuring only positive materials surround your brand on search results pages. In the event of incorrect information being posted about your brand, we will act on your behalf and contact the site owner to request the information is corrected. If nothing else can be done, we will create positive material to effectively bury the negative.
The reputation of a business can cause serious tangible problems in many areas if not managed correctly. When it comes to hiring, a business with a bad reputation must spend at least 10% more per hire. Business is also affected, as a study found that if a single negative article is found in the same search results as your brand, you risk losing 22% of potential customers. If there are two negative pieces of material, that number jumps to 44%.
One of the most typical examples of reputation damage is simply someone posting something derogatory about your brand on a blog. This is the most common form of obvious reputation damage, however other methods can be harder to track. Complaint sites such as RipOffReport are also used by angry customers or disgruntled ex-employees to post about your brand and hopefully drive away future customers.
You might think a lawyer would be the answer to your prayers, but sadly, the law is often on the side of the perpetrators of reputation attacks. The websites that contain negative content are not legally obligated to take it down. Going through the courts, it can take years to see this process to its conclusion, and during this time it could simply happen again. For efficiency and effectiveness, it is better to find quality ORM services that can help lift your brand above the negative content.
Unfortunately, the answer to this is largely yes. It is extremely hard to remove something from the internet without the author’s intervention. There are some cases in which Google will remove content from their search engine, such as in the event of personal details being made public like bank account or credit card details. Thankfully, 92% of searchers do not travel beyond the first page. Just because we cannot remove something doesn’t mean we cannot push it somewhere it will never be seen.
Unfortunately, we cannot repair your reputation over night, nor can anyone else. Whilst some bogus sites will offer fast fixes for cash, such as removing your mugshot for $1800, we know this is simply not how ORM works. In truth, there is no answer to this question, as the time it takes to fix your reputation depends on how severe the damage.

No, actually, bad reviews can often be a blessing in disguise. Receiving bad reviews gives you an opportunity to reflect and communicate with the dissatisfied individual. This can show glaring holes in your company process, or a fault with your services that you didn’t notice. Definitely do not discount bad reviews as being a reputation ruiner, as it is often simply the catalyst for a great reputation being built from the ashes.

Online and earnestly. The fact of the matter is that someone has left negative material about you online for a reason, they want others to see it. By the same token, you should engage with them through online and public channels to understand their issues to work towards a resolution. By communicating publically your desire to remedy the issue, you send a clear message to everyone who sees the initial negativity, that you sought to fix it. This can reflect incredibly well on a brand, and lead to more conversions as people feel that your brand will help them resolve any issue they have.
Often, people put too much power in the negative words of others. People will see something negative has been said about their brand on social media, and scrambling for what to do, will remove/hide the post to limit the impact. Do not hide the negative comments about your brand, for the simple fact that they are one person’s opinion. It may be a valid or invalid opinion, but it is not a fact that will immediately drive your custom away. Allow them to be a naysayer, no company is universally loved.