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Limit Negative Reviews with ORM

Limit Negative Reviews with ORM

ORM (Online reputation management) is a crucial part of managing a business in the online world especially in dealing with negative reviews. With the internet giving everyone a voice, that voice can work for or against you.

Negative reviews found online can bury your business. Anyone can say anything about your business, and true or not, there are no consequences.

Due to laws that have become outdated and not kept pace with the internet such as the ECPA (Electronic Communications Privacy Act), it has never been easier for people to find information that you thought was private.

There is a great urgency to remove or resolve negativity found online about your business, as 60% of respondents said that negative reviews made them not want to use a business.

Just as trust can boost sales and growth, negativity can hinder both by driving away potential customers or making your competitors seem more appealing.  

In recruitment circles, negativity can also drive up the costs of new hires by 10% per hire, as an incentive for them to ‘overlook’ the negative image your company has.

Autocomplete technology in search engines that show other recent high volume search criteria, can swiftly ruin the first impression your brand makes by displaying negative results.

It is important to research the reasoning behind negative autocomplete results, in order to lift public perception of your brand’s reputation and limit further negative damage online.

Martian Marketing are one of the few marketing companies to offer online reputation management alongside mainstream digital marketing services.

Our digital marketing agency understands the synergy between managing your reputation and ensuring your customers find persuasive material that will convert their sale, using every tool at our disposal to empower your brand online.