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Increase Sales with Online Reputation Management

Increase Sales with Online Reputation Management

ORM (Online reputation management) is a crucial part of managing a business in the online world. With the internet giving everyone a voice, that voice can work for or against you.

Whether positive or negative, information found online affects customer’s opinion of your brand, influencing them to commit or reject you based on their research.

56% of adult internet users in the US state that they have found something online that confirmed their decision to do business or not with the person they searched.

This is why online reputation management is only growing in need, and in order to ensure maximised traffic and conversion, must be utilised.

An easy way to judge an online reputation of a company is through user reviews. Surveys show that 68% of respondents trust consumer opinions that are posted online.

74% of customers feel they can place greater trust in a company that has overwhelmingly positive reviews. On the contrary, 86% of customers feel their buying decisions are influenced by negative reviews found online.

Reviews hold huge sway over a potential customer or client’s buying decision, highlighting the importance of effectively managing them through online reputation management.

However, negative articles and news pieces can not only destroy a company’s reputation, but massively decrease its traffic and by extension, it’s revenue. Companies risk losing 22% of their business when a single negative article is found on the first page of SERPs (search engine results pages).

This negative impact is only exacerbated with more negative articles present on the first page of SERPs. With two negative articles, the percentage of business lost rises to 44%.

With three articles it rises to 59%, and with four, it rises to 70% business lost. This amount of possible revenue loss is unthinkable in a modern competitive environment such as the online space.

Effective online reputation management is a niche service, which is why Martian Marketing excels at damage control, crisis mitigation, and review handling.

We know that in order to truly benefit your revenue through online reputation management, it takes more than the removal of the negative, but the promotion of positive material that surrounds your brand in the eyes of prospective customers.