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Increase your Engagement with Multi media

Increase your Engagement with Multi media

Multi media content, especially video, has proven to be the most effective form of content with the highest rates of engagement with customers, with 87% of online marketers using it.

In order to maximise the effect of utilising multi media content in your marketing strategy, you must understand the customer behaviour and response when viewing it.

Social media is the primary place to boost engagement with your target audience, as it allows an open forum for communication between you, and other customers of your brand.

Understanding how to maximise the effect of video content is key to harnessing the power of video to empower a brand’s reach.

Facebook, used by over 2.46 billion people in 2017, allows for native video uploads to it’s site. 85% of these native Facebook videos are watched without sound. This highlights the need for video content that does not rely on audio. Instead, to ensure maximum engagement, impressive visuals and accompanying floating text are essential in any multimedia content.

Multimedia content can also boost the appeal of other marketing strategies. Email marketing benefits massively, as an initial email with a video receives an increased click-through rate of 96%.

This increase in engagement is too massive to ignore for modern businesses who seek to evoke substantial engagement with their prospective customers.

Video content also increases the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, as full-page ads that integrated video content saw an engagement boost of 22%.

With many businesses not understanding the quantitative value of multimedia content, Martian Marketing strives to resolve this and provide highly-effective design solutions.

With skilled editors and experienced media designers, we create video content for a wide range of applications, designed to boost customer engagement with your brand.