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Importance of Having Great Hosting Services

Importance of Having Great Hosting Services

A website can be the most powerful asset of a business. However, without proper hosting to run that website, it is useless. Acquiring powerful and efficient hosting services for your website is paramount to anyone wishing to offer a consistent online experience for it’s customers and limit any possible downtime.

The hosting of a website has a direct impact on that website’s performance. A poorly running website is the leading cause of website abandonment, as slow load times and poor performance drives traffic away from you and towards your competitors.

64% of shoppers who are unhappy with their site visit will go elsewhere to shop next time. Ensuring your website provides the best possible user experience for customers is key to driving conversion and cultivating repeat custom.

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When considering hosting services for your website, it is also important to be aware of the security aspects involved with managing your data. With digital data breach and data loss becoming more frequent, ensuring that your data is protected against a worst case scenario is paramount to having an effective continuity strategy.

Backups are vital to achieving this, saving crucial data for your business in the event of human error, system malfunction or hacking. Martian Marketing offer lightning fast managed hosting services, with instantaneous restoration in the event of the site going down, ensuring your online presence is as sturdy as possible.