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Graphics Design that Sells

Graphics Design that Sells

Graphics design is growing in importance among marketers and businesses. However some marketers aren’t sure if their graphic design really increase sales. From research conducted by Design Council, we learn that on average for every £1 businesses invest in design, they gain over £4 net operating profit, over £20 net turnover and over £5 net exports.

There is no longer any doubt around the importance of graphic design, and the role that it can play in driving up conversions and increasing sales.

Graphic designs are made to appeal to customers, and aid in the transmission of information from a brand to their audience. When selling a product, graphic design and marketing work hand in hand, to create an advertisement that sells whilst maintaining the viewer’s attention and encouraging retention.

Good graphics design can make your prospective customers understand the benefits of your product/service, as they are communicated in an engaging way that leads to an increase in sales.

For offline methods, graphic design can also increase sales further. By choosing the best materials, style and design of your printed media, (such as leaflets or brochures) they maximise information retention and sales.

It is vital to ensure your graphic design is done correctly, in order to establish a good return on investment. With 31.7% of marketers surveyed saying that visual content was integral to their 2017 marketing strategy.

To ensure the highest cost-efficiency, a graphic designer should be hired to handle your design needs whether that is internal or an external outsource. Many marketers find themselves splitting job roles in order to tackle graphic design themselves.

However when not made correctly and properly implemented, poor design can damage your brand reputation.

This is why Martian Marketing offer bespoke graphic design solutions. We provide graphic designs of all styles, such as infographics, print media and advertisement design.

We offer our services so that you can focus on your business, and reap the numerous rewards that effective graphic design can give.