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Martians pride themselves on being able to develop exceptional WordPress websites that are both beautifully designed and technically excellent. As the website is the modern shop window, we make sure your website creates a stunning first impression of your brand.


Mobile responsiveness opens your business to over 51% of users now browsing through mobile, so we make sure our websites display seamlessly across all devices.


Using digital design software, our team of in-house developers and designers custom build your website to your exact specifications.

Performance & Conversion

Your website will be built for conversion and performance optimised, meaning fast, fluid  performance with intelligent calls to action to drive conversion.

We create websites
that modernise.


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Absolutely. When working with Martian Marketing, we provide you with all of our combined expertise and experience to help inform you. If in any case you have a decision to make and don’t know the best course of action, we will happily advise you on what we think will be to your best benefit.

The cost of our websites change depending on what you want the website to do. Simple front-end websites start from £1,500 + VAT, however backended websites with added functionality range from £3000-£5000 + VAT. When you discuss your requirements with us, we will be able to tell you what it will cost to make your vision a reality.

You should avoid cheap websites for the same reason you should avoid anything that is far cheaper than the average. Somewhere, somehow, corners have been cut to make that price feasible. More often than not, a website for this price will be a simple WordPress template with little customisation or personality.

When we create a website, we start from scratch using digital design software to create stunning designs of what your website will look like. These are shared with you to collect your thoughts and feedback, before the finalised design is built into a custom WordPress website.

Yes, every single website we build is ‘responsive’ meaning it displays perfectly on any device, including mobile. Surveys show the there is a growing percentage of search from mobile user. With more people using their mobile phone as their primary method of browsing the internet, we believe website responsivity is an absolutely must.

Once you have signed off on your completed website we can begin optimising it. We optimise it first for search engines, so that your target audience can more easily locate your site through search. Secondly, we optimise it for mobile and other devices, so that your website displays seamlessly on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Finally, we optimise your site’s performance so it runs as smoothly as possible.

We don’t want your final sign off to be an anxious experience. For this reason, we offer a free two week grace period following your sign off. During this time we will happily make any alterations you require, provided they don’t exceed the original scope of the project. Just get in touch to let us know.

Yes. We use WordPress to build our sites and this amazingly powerful content management system is accessible for anyone with good computer skills to make changes to their own website. We are here if you want us to make the changes, but we know sometimes people prefer to get hands on. If you would like, speak to us about getting some WordPress training and we will walk you through how to make key changes to the website.

For most website designs we usually require a 50% deposit on the website before work begins, however we try to be flexible to meet your needs in special circumstances. Your next payment then won’t be due until the end of the project after your official sign off. After this payment, we will still be in contact with you for any last minute changes or future projects we can help you with.

We offer options to port old website content to your new one, use your supplied content or to write it from scratch. We have content writers in house to help our clients who don’t have content ready or do not wish to tackle it themselves. For content writing services we charge an hourly rate of £60/hr. To find out more please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements in detail.