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Martian Marketing offer managed hosting solutions to help with day-to-day website management and server maintenance. We also offer ongoing support to keep your website secure so that in the event of corruption or hacking, we can restore your website quickly and painlessly.

No Hassle

Our managed hosting solution hosts your website all year-round, handling any and all stress involved so you can focus on the important things.


Our servers are hyper-secure to mitigate potential risks to your website such as malicious or accidental damage, with regular backups taken in the event of a worst case scenario.

Cost Effective

With our managed hosting, we handle the costs usually associated with effective hosting that would otherwise place a heavy load on a business.

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Server setup can be over before you know it, sometimes taking as little as a couple of hours. You won’t be waiting very long for your own Martian server, and typically, we can set your server up on the same day.

Yes, we take frequent backups to ensure that in the event of an error, malfunction or malicious attack, your website cannot be lost. Should your website be compromised, we can quickly come to your rescue with an immediately restored backup.

All backups that are taken are stored on a computer for quick access, however we send copies to additional storage locations and save copies to our cloud, to ensure we always have a backup to use in the worst case scenario.

Absolutely. The costs of managing your own server for a small-medium business can add a very unnecessary addition to your overheads. Our managed hosting services have been created to alleviate that burden, allowing us to take over the day to day hosting and management of your servers for a fraction of the cost.

Yes. We regularly scan the servers to root out any potential failures or irregularities of any kind. Spotting these issues can be key as often, they can be quickly rectified before they develop into a much larger and more difficult problem.

We make the transition as smooth as possible for you by taking care of everything. Once you have given us your website login and any other details we require, we will handle the entire migration process on your behalf with minimal disruption to you.

We understand how important your website is to you and your customers, so we make sure that your site does not go down during the migration. We will communicate with you to establish a time frame where you will be unable to log in to your site, however users will be able to browse it as normal.

You only need one domain, however, it can be useful to purchase additional domains that are alterations of your primary domain. For example, if your website is then buying .com or .org could be useful. Setting up a redirect from these domains back to your primary domain is a good way to ensure all your customers can find you.

SSL means Secure Sockets Layer. This protocol provides a secure path between two internet-connected machines or two machines on the same network, automatically establishing a link between a user and the server for the session. You will notice an SSL secured site by the small padlock symbol in the address bar.

If you are based in the UK then there are two key benefits. Firstly, your website will load quicker as your UK audience will be closer to the hosting provider, meaning less latency. Secondly, your UK IP address is very good for SEO when targeting a UK audience.