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Branding plays a huge role in driving customer engagement and building loyalty. Whether you are thinking of repositioning your current brand, or starting fresh, we work alongside you to help you realise your branding potential, using stylish design tools to affirm your brand on offline and online channels.


Creating a brand that your customers can identify with is the first step to securing their loyalty and returning custom to your business.


Embedding your brand across physical and digital locations makes your brand more memorable to your customers, and the customers of your competitors.

Trustworthy Branding

Trustworthy branding considers the values of the customer, as they are always more likely to re-engage brands they have had good experiences with.

Brands build customer
trust and loyalty.


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The logo is the visual representation of your company. It is what your customers will remember the most about your brand. It is however, only one part of your brand. Your brand combines all the other elements of your marketing and advertising to create your company’s persona as a business.

Typically, a company will not change their branding extremely unless for a very specific reason. It is more common for companies to update their branding with small changes to give the company a fresh look, which is done on average every 7-10 years. One of the primary reasons for a massive brand redesign or shift will be to signify a merger, or a new company direction.
Building a brand that is well known will take years, so it is better to start now. The true time it takes to build a brand is the same it takes your customers to accept your brand values, be they that your products are the healthy option, or that your products are the most reliable option.
You may be surprised, but yes, the branding of a product, service, or even a piece of information can be massively influential in it’s perception. 89% of business readers believe that the brand that a piece of content comes from is very important, and 85% state their primary reason for content creation is to promote a more positive brand image.
Brand values are the primary reason that consumer hold loyalty to any particular brand. They are traits that the customers believe to be true. An example of this is Gillette. One of their brand values is innovation, and now their customers believe Gillette to be the most innovative shaving company around. 64% of consumers state that shared brand values are the primary drive behind their relationship with the brand.

A great logo should:

  • Be unique and built just for you
  • Reflect your brand values
  • Look good no matter how big or small it is
  • Be distinct and recognisable
That’s not a problem, we understand people may think they want one thing then realise they don’t when they see their idea on paper. We also know the importance of logo design, and want to make sure we deliver to a high standard. We go through a long series of revisions before we reach the finished designs, to give you plenty of opportunity to give your thoughts on progress.
You will have your very own Account Manager to contact if you need an update on your project who you can contact via phone or email to request a progress update. You will then receive an email update on your project as soon as possible.
Studies show that the key to securing brand visibility is through consistency and quantity. On average, it takes 5-7 impressions for your brand to be remembered by the viewer. However, brands that are presented in a consistent way are 3-4 times more likely to experience brand visibility.
Absolutely. Whilst many of our clients have preferred printing partners that handle their branded print needs, we are happy to source and take care of the logistics for you in addition to design. This will incur the additional costs of printing.