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How to Create an Attractive Graphic Design

How to Create an Attractive Graphic Design

Attractive graphic design is a vital part of attracting custom to your business. However there are many aspects that go into graphic design in order to maximise the potential for conversion and growth.

When mastered, graphic design is a powerful tool for a business, able to draw in customers who may be otherwise uninterested or uninformed of your brand. However poor graphic design can have the opposite effect, driving traffic away from your business as they feel unappealed to.

One of the key aspects of graphic design is the use of colour. There is an entire psychology behind colour, and how it is used can subconsciously affect viewer’s interpretation.

For example, blue is widely used in both branding and advertisement. It possesses subconscious tones such as trustworthiness and security transmitted to the viewer to influence their perception of your company after they finish viewing.

Blue is also a colour associated with value and benefits, which is why it’s use in advertising and print media is often to promote good value deals.

On the contrary, the colour red has connotations of strength, power and danger. Red is the most visible colour in the spectrum, however it’s use must be carefully implemented.

Red is attributed to Sale signs just as much as they are to danger warning signs, therefore requiring careful implementation if red is not your brand colour. However the risk is worth the reward, as 92.6% of people say the visual aspect of an advertisement was the primary influencing factor affecting the purchase decision.

Another crucial part of an attractive graphic design lies in the text that the graphics surround. Contrast between the text and the background colour, as well as the size of the text are key features of a graphically enhanced advertisement that must be mastered.

Ensuring a high contrast between text and colour is key to ensuring maximum retention of information. When considering text size, a rule of thumb is 10 feet of reading distance per inch of text height, therefore text that is 5 inches in height, will have a possible reading distance of up to 50 feet.

These are just some of the many aspects that go into effective graphic design. However for the best results from graphic design, an experienced graphic designer is the best asset for your visual media you could ask for.

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