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Instagram’s latest internal figures show there are 1 billion accounts active every month and they are posting, liking and commenting on images each month. Instagram is part of their life for one in seven people. There are 500 Million + Instagram accounts active every day. This means that there are 500 million potential people who […]

If you are a small brand and just starting with social media you would agree If I say that it’s very difficult to get any engagement organically for your posts on a social media platform. Too often, no one responds, no one likes, comments retweets your post. It can get frustrating! But this is hardly […]

For many B2B companies, Instagram may seem like unexplored territory. You may have several questions in your mind, like “Are my prospects even using it? Is it worth my time?” Statistically speaking, it’s definitely worth your while;   Here is some Jaw dropping statistics on Instagram 1) There Are 1 Billion Accounts Active Every Month […]

Instagram, without any doubts, one of the most popular social platforms on the Earth in the meantime, and one of the most used platforms for digital advertising,

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