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Build Customer Trust with ORM

Build Customer Trust with ORM

ORM (Online reputation management) is a crucial part of managing a business and building customer trust in the online world. With the internet giving everyone a voice, that voice can work for or against you.

It is vital to impose a positive image to customers and clients who are searching you online. Through the promotion of positive media and content around your business, customer trust is validated in your company, reassuring them that your company is the place they should look to.

Customer trust plays a huge role in business. 64% of people trust search engines when researching a person or a brand.

From this we can interpret that if a search engine displays a positive image of your company, the customer will trust the search engine’s results and your company by extension.

In fact surveys show 74% of consumers have greater trust in a company if they read positive reviews.

Through online reputation management, positive reviews can be encouraged among existing customers and associates of your brand.

With that said, positive reviews lose their authority the longer they are published, as customers place less faith in older reviews than new.

This is why effective ORM strategies insist on organic reviews that are generated and published procedurally. This allows for a stream of positive reviews that can influence your potential customers to convert, for a greater length of time.

Online reputation management includes far more than reviews however. A serious amount of consideration and thought must go into what your customers will say about you after your interaction.

The average consumer will mention brands 90 times a week, to their friends, families and co-workers. It is therefore key that whenever mentioned, your brand has only good things to be read.