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7 ways on How To Do Keyword Research for SEO – Martians’ Guide

Keyword Research as we all know is one of the most important things in starting a business is establishing its visibility. How can you start operating and generating money if no one knows that it exists? There is a theory that no idea is ever original, but what sets one apart from another is how you brand it up for everyone else to see. Here at Martian Marketing, we can help you build up your business from the bones up to the skin, but that’s not why this article is here for. It is here because we want to educate you on everything that you need to know about the online world’s key to a better audience: keywords.


Yes, you heard that right. It’s Keywords!


Let’s start off with the term SEO which is short for Search Engine Optimization, now remember this because it is one of the most vital parts in generating more audience for your business. The right strategy can take it from a shady, traffic-less, dark alley right into the middle of a bustling utopia. It basically means that if you want that ROI, you have to learn everything there is about keyword research!


Online business, if done properly, can be so lucrative. Regardless of how niche a venture is, there will always be a pool of potential customers constantly connected to the web. The dilemma is that it isn’t only you who sees this potential. People who have the same idea, and probably the same strategy as you do are thrown into the mix, and the only way to be noticed by these customers is for you to get into the first page of a google or bing search. This all boils down to who uses the best SEO keyword techniques.


One thing that you should always keep in mind is that most people online are always on the go with their phone in their hands. They won’t give you the light of day if they have to click the next button only to see the same exact thing that they can get from the first page. Websites that sell are only those on the first page, if it’s not there, it doesn’t exist.


The questions are: How do you get your website to even be in the first page? How do you compete with dozens, if not thousands of online websites and snatch their spot? And lastly, how do you stay in that spot for as long as you desire?


The answer is: SEO is your one and only salvation and you have to do it better than your competition! While it is just and true that it is a wide topic to tackle, understanding it is a walk in the park. So without further ado, we rounded up a list of 7 ways on How to Do Keyword Research for SEO, the martian way!


  1. Keyword Research and Market Research

Keyword Research and Market Research


All successful marketing strategies start off with a research of some sort. Keyword research can be based on the ‘market research’ that you and your team have conducted to create your business plan. Do not start with a google or bing keyword research tool, but to simply understand the nature of your target market. Analysing the interest of your demographic can go a long way in pointing out the keywords that you need to use so your page will appear high on the list when they search for information related to your industry on the internet.


A pro tip would be to start describing your target market based on what piques their interest and categorizing them through sub-groups according to wants, needs, and demographics. You need to be mindful of individuals in your target market because they might type in different keywords according to who they are.  For example, young women are more likely to search for ‘tight fitting’ shirts compared to men of varying age on a website that sells t-shirts.


After categorizing your market, it is time to segregate them into two kinds: the ‘purchasers’ and the ones who are just ‘looking around’. Purchasers are individuals who want to buy an item right away while those who are ‘looking around’ tend to browse and look for the best options.


How do we deal with this in SEO language? You can get the keywords to attract both demographics by simply understanding their nature and their level of intent to buy.

For example, you can convince those who are just ‘looking around’ by using keywords like reviews, best, top 10, and comparison. These are words that even you yourself would type if you are doing an online window shopping. For ‘purchasers’, you can use keywords like affordable, discount, cheap, deal, coupon, buy and the list goes on.


Here’s a template to help you categorize or segment your market:



-21-39 years old

-Annual salary of $25,000 to $50,000

-Enjoys fashion, nature

-Prefers different cuts, textures, and colors because of trends


Do this with all individuals in your target market and you are sure to attract the best possible number of audience to your website.



  1. Refine Your Keyword List


Refine Your Keyword List

Now that you have a pool of related keywords in your hands, you have the power to refine it even more for optimal results by adding and deducting. You can start with the help of free keyword research tools. Type every keyword, enter, scroll at the bottom of the first page and look for the suggestions given to you. It is on the “Searches related to” followed by your search term.


From here, you can get phrases that a lot of your potential clients use in search engines. At this point, you are just getting as much information as you can get so that you have a good grasp on what your target market searches when they look for a product. Be generous in adding and deducting what you think fits like a glove. This is next generation brainstorming, you’re on the right track.


  1. Tools Improve Your Keyword Research

Tools Improve Your Keyword Research


You’ve done a great job in gathering all the relevant words that might prove effective in generating potential clients. It’s time to amp that up a bit by using tools that will help you get the best possible results through mediums like google keyword tools or bing keyword research tools.


There are many free keyword research tools scattered around the net that you can use, but it will be up to you and your discretion on which developer you’d want to do business with. We suggest you do your own research in finding the ones that will benefit you and your business in the most optimal way possible.


Once that you have chosen what tool you want to use in helping you with keywords, it is time to filter out again the ones that you have generated on your own and the ones that your tools have suggested. Go through the list of keywords and remove those that you think is unusable and ineffective.


Chances are, you will shell out some cash if you’re going to use keyword research tools, but it will soon pay you many times over if you have properly used them to your advantage. There are some free keyword research tools that you can use for limited function if you’re not a fan of cashing out money, but it is recommended that you spend some to get the most out of it.


  1. Familiarise Yourself with Heads, Bodies, and Longtails


Familiarise Yourself with Heads, Bodies, and Longtails

Gathering effective keywords is a job all on its own. It’s not really as easy as a walk in the park since it will require effort and in some cases, cash, but will always be worth it. A strong list of keywords doesn’t end the process, it is only the beginning. The next step would be to understand these words and incorporating them into content that will ultimately encourage company revenue.


The usual SEO process breaks keywords down into a trifecta coined as the heads, bodies and the longtails:


Heads – these are keywords that cover a very broad ranking. Words like jeans, money, shirts are a good example of this.


Bodies – these terms are almost the same as the heads but a little bit more specific. Keywords like men’s jeans, money tree, and round neck shirts fall under this category.


Longtails – are usually long and specific keywords like tattered men’s jeans, potted money tree, and designer round neck shirts are the perfect examples for this.

With this information, we can conclude that longtails are your best options in terms of ranking because it has less competition than its broader counterparts. While it may come off as something that says more about what your brand is about, it gets less search traffic even if you rank high in a longtail keyword search, but bodies have the most search volume and it can also pick up some longtail rankings because they are usually inside one. We recommend that content marketing and keyword research newbies should initially opt for using longtail keywords before heading on to its broader counterpart, the bodies.


  1. Keyword Research And Competitive Analysis

Keyword Research And Competitive Analysis

Now that you have figured your strengths when it comes to keyword research, it is time to identify your competition. Knowing and acknowledging your biggest rival is one way to give your business an edge. You can tell the kind of keywords other companies are using by simply checking out their listings through their websites.  To be successful in analyzing your competition, you have to know the phrases or words they use in making them an effective seller.


There are keywords that your competition is using that might be the cause on why they are beating you on SEO rankings. There are plenty of tools online that will enable you to identify why websites are ranking high for utilizing certain keywords. You can start by using this technique to all the competition that appears on the first search engine page and it would be enough to give you intel on what you need to do on your own site.


If you want a more targeted and potent keyword research results from your rivals, you can start by looking at keyword results for pages on their websites. Choose to research on the ones with the best performing search terms. Keep in mind that most of the research that you’ll be doing shouldn’t strictly revolve around websites that do the same thing as you do.  You can opt for the ones that slightly resembles your niche as it may add a little bit of extra traffic to your website which is also a subtle yet vital strategy. A great example would be ranking a plant pot product for a term search like “how to be good at gardening” can reap you amazing results.


  1. Increasing Your SEO Vocabulary

Increasing Your SEO Vocabulary


There are many techniques and strategies that you can go around when it comes to SEO. The possibilities are seemingly endless as you continue to delve into this world. You will discover more effective terms, synonyms, acronyms and whatnot that can help you in such a way that you never knew it can help you before. That is why it is always best to keep your mind open to learn new SEO language to help you fully understand the possible results that you may get.


Do not stop exploring different tools that help you optimize your performance in the search pages, because that is also what your competition is doing. This industry is basically the survival of the fittest and you must always equip yourself with the best battle armor that you can possibly get. Keep your keywords close and SEO tools closer.


Here are a few terminologies that will help you get started:


Clicks – these inform you how many individuals have searched for your keyword and actually clicked on the results. It is a must that you consider this piece because high-volume clicks don’t guarantee you sales, sometimes it can scare away potential customers. So keep your eyes peeled on this one.


Keyword Difficulty – this will tell you how hard a keyword will rank or perform for your service or product. There are many different tools that focus on different functions, but this one, you should also take into serious account. If it says it will be difficult and your gut feel says so, chances are, you are both right.


Search Volume – this tells the level of demand per given keyword. It explains the number of times people type in the same exact search term. It’s almost the same as a google keyword tool and it is very important to be familiar with this one. You’ll never know when this will be handy.


Cost Per Click or CPC – this is mostly utilized in SEO content marketing. It occurs when you advertise on platforms like Amazon and Google. It will cost money but is an effective way to amplify the effects of keywords. It is not like google keyword research wherein its free because when someone clicks on one of your ads, you will pay for that click. So when you are paying for high CPC, but your website traffic is low, you’re basically putting your money on the wrong place.


Long Tail Keywords – these are mostly phrases consisting of three or more words that are considered as search phrases. These tend to have minimal search hits, but what they lack in that, they make up for low difficulty in keywords and higher clicks. This fact makes it a very important tool in google keyword research and strategy.


Head Terms – keywords that are usually less than three words. These head terms are focused generally on common searches. Most people do not mind this one too much, but they are a great jumpstart in optimizing your SEO keyword research.


  1. Combining All These Knowledge And Organizing Them


Combining All These Knowledge And Organizing Them

Now that you have a great jumpstart towards your SEO journey, you must take all the information provided above and logically organize them so you can create an effective strategy that is cost-effective. It is highly recommended that you put all the SEO information that you gathered from google keyword research, free keyword research, SEO tools, and whatnot in one efficient spreadsheet.


In that excel file, create columns showing variations like keywords, MSV and other additional things that you may find vital to developing your SEO skills.  It’s up to you if you want to keep things simple or go very deep. What’s important is that you make sure that your organization will make sense to you and the people you are working with.


Here are some organizational suggestions:


Intent – make sure this will help you segment your keywords in accordance to what your audience is looking for. You can have a group with the intent of directly buying your product while you can have another one looking for accessories for it as well as its maintenance as well. Pro tip is that sometimes, accidental results ultimately leads to sales and that’s pretty much why we are delving into SEO.


Parent Topic – keep keywords that can and will generate the best possible amount of audience or potential customers on every page.


Value – out of the hundreds of search terms that you have accumulated all throughout your keyword research, make sure that you have compiled all the possible ones that can instantly convert a curious view into sales. Strong phrases like “the best *insert product here* in Sheffield, UK” might seem too forward, but it does the job in generating money quite well.

keywords that can and will generate the best possible amount of audience


At the end of all the seemingly endless research, tools, effort, and money spent, Search Engine Optimization exists for the sole purpose of helping out business get their well-deserved ROI.  You will be left with thousands of keywords at your disposal and it doesn’t mean that you should be using it all. It will be up to you how you will gauge the ones that will give you the best return of investment.


It is important that you acknowledge this fact because, at some point, you will use the money to fund your research and it better be meaningful. You have to be sure that you are not just throwing away hard earned cash down the drain. Your time, effort and money should result in something that you want and that is to generate revenue for your company to flourish.


Google and bing keyword research tools are always there to help you out, but it will never spoon feed you to success. You must learn the sacred process of collecting, selecting and throwing away ineffective keywords. If you want to earn money, you shouldn’t just follow the book by its rules, you have to be proactive because as much as articles can give you a jumpstart on what you need to do, your experience will always be the best teacher.


Always remember this, until you have not yet achieved the point of being a household name, trust your success in SEO.

Uses of Multimedia Content

Uses of Multimedia Content - Multimedia Design

The uses of multimedia content for businesses in the modern age are endless. In today’s world, video is considered simply far superior to textual information. This is an important piece of information, as the creation and application to multimedia into your business, website, and social channels can help boost your reach, empower your sales and maximise engagement with your customers.

Video content is desirable on social media, shared more than 1200% more than text and image posts on social media combined. A brand that creates video content on social media, fosters greater shares and enhances their reach much further than otherwise.

Furthermore, video content can work to boost your sales and conversions, with the creation of product video reviews and even customer/client testimonials that drive conversion up and improve trust in your brand.

Multimedia content is by far the most engaging form of content. More people are drawn to watch a video than they are to read text, making video content an ideal solution to low-click rate email marketing campaigns.

Fostering engagement with your customers with the creation and upload of video content boosts the following and growth behind your business.

With multimedia content being so diversely capable of application, it is important to discover new ways with which to take advantage of this popularly demanded form of content.

Viral videos, video testimonials, and product reviews are just some of the ways Martian Marketing Design Solutions can benefit your business with meticulously crafted multimedia design. We work in all areas, from concept to editing and execution, to create stunning multimedia assets for your business that boost the engagement your marketing and advertising strategies receive.

Graphic Design: A Sought After Marketing Tool

Graphic Design - A Sought After Marketing Tool

Graphic designs are being increasingly sought and applied by marketers in modern business. The fact is that stunning graphic design is crucial in attracting, informing and converting customers to your business.

Graphic designs cover many areas, such as persuasive print media and personalised email marketing strategies. Visual content is more desirable by audiences located on social media, proving to be more engaging and more shareable than non-visual content.

For this reason, graphic designs are a crucial part of any content strategy. Personally created design is also considered more authentic in the eyes of customers, increasing customer’s trust in your brand and boosting your brand image. It’s application to advertising material increases the retention of information, and maximises the impact it will have on it’s target audience, and therefore boosting your sales efforts.

Considerable research must go into the graphic design solutions for your company. There are many subconscious factors that play a key role in the creation of design. Click here to view our blog on attractive graphic design.

An entire psychology of colour dictates what type of audience a specific design choice and colour scheme will attract. This is why Martian Marketing undertake thorough research when creating the graphic design solutions your business needs.

We understand how to make designs that reach out and connect with your target market. Logo design, infographics and designer print media are some of the many ways that you can begin to appeal to your customers.

Essentials in Brand Design

Essentials in Brand Design

The branding of a business must be a meticulous procedure if it is going to be a success. The brand design too must be carefully thought out. The brand design can play a crucial role in presenting the correct face that you want your customer to see when interacting with your brand.

By designing a brand that appeals to the values of your target audience, you increase the chance of converting them and encourage their loyalty.

A striking brand is also a necessity in order to achieve brand recognition in a competitive market place. Branded designs can be used in marketing and advertising strategies to spread awareness of your brand, utilising thoughtful colour schemes and dynamic graphics that hold your audience’s attention and cultivate their conversion.

Trust can also be built in your brand, if the values of your target audience are met by your brand design. However, thorough research must go into your target audience, to truly be able to connect with them on an emotional level.

By appealing to their personal qualities, the customer trust in your brand can social proof your business, encouraging conversion and sales with future customers.

Branded designs can benefit every asset of a business, from the website to printed ad media. It is important to get design solutions which produces dynamic graphic designs that actually appeal to your target audience, as their aid in the retention of information is vital to ensure maximised conversion.

This is why Martian Marketing create bespoke branded graphics for your business, from the logo to branded social media. Displaying a consistent image of your business is vital to achieve recognition, trust and loyalty in your target audience, and Martian Marketing are experts at mastering your online image.

Online Reputation Management: A Beneficial Part of an Online Business

Online Reputation Management - A Beneficial Part of an Online Business

In today’s world, the internet provides an on-demand service to check a business’ background. What is found through a search of your business is often the determining factor in how your brand’s interaction with that customer will lead.

64% of people trust a search engine’s results, so it benefits you to ensure the search engine results are only positive. That is the purpose of ORM (online reputation management).

Effectively managing negative publicity about your business can limit the damaging effects they have. Businesses with mostly 1-2 star reviews will fail to convert 90% of their potential customers, and this effect can be catastrophic for a business.

ORM seeks to limit the negative aspects of a brand, through methods such as customer complaint resolution or through the removal of damaging material found in search results.

Online Reputation Management can benefit your business by increasing your conversions. Just as a key part of ORM is limiting the negative reviews left about your business, the promotion of positive reviews offers the opposite effect.

Ensuring organic, positive reviews about your business are published can be a crucial sales tool for your business, as more and more trust is placed by customers in user reviews over advertising.

ORM is also a crucial part of building trust with your customer base. By the resolution of negative materials online in a transparent fashion, you can demonstrate the values of your brand and the importance of customer service. Working in the customer’s interest, boosts trust in your brand and encourages further conversions.

Martian Marketing provide online reputation management solutions to protect the online reputation of any business.

We create influential strategies to encourage positive reviews from your customers and clients whilst limiting or removing negative materials that could detriment future customer perception.

In the event of a reputation crisis, you will have a team on standby ready to limit fallout and repair damage to your brand.

Different Ways of Doing Search Engine Marketing

Different Ways of Doing Search Engine Marketing

SEM (search engine marketing) involves using search engines, most commonly Google but also Bing and Yahoo among others, to promote your brand/business. There are different ways of doing this, organic methods that work to strengthen the basis on which the search engine ranks your website, and paid methods that can guarantee exposure to qualified leads searching for your business.

SEO (search engine optimisation) is the organic method of increasing your website’s position in the search engine results pages. There are many different facets in SEO, that all work cumulatively to raise your website’s rank in results pages for criteria that relates to your business.

Optimising your website, creating optimised content and collecting links to and from your site, as well as providing a positive user experience, all affect your search engine ranking. With the right strategy, you can begin to gradually bring your website up through results pages, eventually to the top ranking position for your search criteria.

If you want to learn more about SEO,  click here to view our blog about how SEO can benefit your business.

PPC (pay-per-click) is a paid method of search engine marketing, where businesses may pay a fee on search keywords/phrases that their customers may be searching with.

When a customer searches a keyword or phrase you have bid on, your website appears with an ad at the top of the search engine results pages. However, your budget is only spent when a customer clicks onto the ad itself, ensuring that you only pay for the clicks that take them from the results pages to your website.

To learn more about PPC, click here to view our blog looking at the benefits of PPC.

Understanding how to best utilise methods of organic and paid search engine marketing is crucial. Whilst either method has it’s purpose, knowing how to use both avenues to effectively encourage traffic to your website is important in order to achieve maximum conversion.

Martian Marketing are SEM Masterminds, housing experienced SEO specialists that undertake your keyword research to provide the most effective strategies for your business.

Boosting Your Online Presence with Social Media

Boosting Your Online Presence with Social Media

Social media channels in recent years have become one of the most important marketing opportunities for businesses of any size. With many brands now established on social media, it has swiftly become the norm with 3 out of 4 customers checking social media before purchasing from a brand.

Establishing a brand presence on social channels, and properly managing that profile can benefit your business in a number of ways. Beyond promoting awareness of your brand, it encourages traffic to your other online portals and social channels.

Not only does the communicative nature of social medias allow for discourse with your customers, it encourages their engagement with you and other customers.

Building a community behind your brand, encourages further conversion as trust is cultivated behind your brand, influencing future buyer’s decisions with positive comments, status’ and reviews.

Social proofing a brand, especially when it is newly created, is vital to maximising conversion.

Social medias also offer new opportunities for a business to generate exposure that it would otherwise struggle to. Viral videos can quickly skyrocket brand recognition using the social sharing basis of all social channels.

Influencers have become prominent across all social channels, which can be utilised to drive traffic to your brand through a socially proofed third party.

With social media marketing still developing new and innovative ways to engage with your audience, it is vital to keep ahead of social trends and daily advances in social media.

Martian Marketing are experts at maintaining an edge on innovative social media strategies, that utilise the most effective and impacting methods to generate results.

Importance of Having Great Hosting Services

Importance of Having Great Hosting Services

A website can be the most powerful asset of a business. However, without proper hosting to run that website, it is useless. Acquiring powerful and efficient hosting services for your website is paramount to anyone wishing to offer a consistent online experience for it’s customers and limit any possible downtime.

The hosting of a website has a direct impact on that website’s performance. A poorly running website is the leading cause of website abandonment, as slow load times and poor performance drives traffic away from you and towards your competitors.

64% of shoppers who are unhappy with their site visit will go elsewhere to shop next time. Ensuring your website provides the best possible user experience for customers is key to driving conversion and cultivating repeat custom.

To learn more about the importance of website performance, click here to read our blog.

When considering hosting services for your website, it is also important to be aware of the security aspects involved with managing your data. With digital data breach and data loss becoming more frequent, ensuring that your data is protected against a worst case scenario is paramount to having an effective continuity strategy.

Backups are vital to achieving this, saving crucial data for your business in the event of human error, system malfunction or hacking. Martian Marketing offer lightning fast managed hosting services, with instantaneous restoration in the event of the site going down, ensuring your online presence is as sturdy as possible.

What You Need To Know About Web Development

What You Need To Know About Web Development

Web development is very crucial these days. A website can be a brand’s most powerful digital asset. Ensuring that your brand’s website is created to your customer’s standards is imperative to unlocking its full potential.

It is however also crucial that your website is capable of the role you need it to fulfill, which is why you need to know what type of website will benefit your business efficiently.

Front-end websites are by far the most common, cost-effective choice. It provides you with a place to establish a brand presence, present online information and news to your customers, but lacks much further functionality.

There are however a range of benefits in using a front-end website. If however your business has advanced functionality requirements then a back-end can be added to your website.

A back-end houses parts of a website that the user doesn’t see, sends requests to the server and retrieves the request results to display them to the user by the front-end.

Back-ended websites maximise the efficiency of both parts, separating requests that are client-side and server-side for the best possible performance.

With online shopping now commonplace in the minds of customers, e-commerce sites are growing in popularity and need.

The ability to generate sales digitally and target audiences out of home, often provides the needed boost many businesses need, with more and more markets adapting their conversion funnel to be viable through e-commerce.

Customers now expect their online experience to be the same through all channels. If they switch from desktop to their phone, the experience must be as identical as possible in order to encourage loyalty to your brand’s website.

Martian Marketing create websites tailored to your specifications, and optimise them for all mediums, ensuring a seamless customer experience is had through your online presence.

Our Martian knowledge in website development can be levied for your business, as we can help inform your decisions with our expert research and industry intellect.

Increase your Engagement with Multi media

Increase your Engagement with Multi media

Multi media content, especially video, has proven to be the most effective form of content with the highest rates of engagement with customers, with 87% of online marketers using it.

In order to maximise the effect of utilising multi media content in your marketing strategy, you must understand the customer behaviour and response when viewing it.

Social media is the primary place to boost engagement with your target audience, as it allows an open forum for communication between you, and other customers of your brand.

Understanding how to maximise the effect of video content is key to harnessing the power of video to empower a brand’s reach.

Facebook, used by over 2.46 billion people in 2017, allows for native video uploads to it’s site. 85% of these native Facebook videos are watched without sound. This highlights the need for video content that does not rely on audio. Instead, to ensure maximum engagement, impressive visuals and accompanying floating text are essential in any multimedia content.

Multimedia content can also boost the appeal of other marketing strategies. Email marketing benefits massively, as an initial email with a video receives an increased click-through rate of 96%.

This increase in engagement is too massive to ignore for modern businesses who seek to evoke substantial engagement with their prospective customers.

Video content also increases the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, as full-page ads that integrated video content saw an engagement boost of 22%.

With many businesses not understanding the quantitative value of multimedia content, Martian Marketing strives to resolve this and provide highly-effective design solutions.

With skilled editors and experienced media designers, we create video content for a wide range of applications, designed to boost customer engagement with your brand.