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Benefits of PPC

Benefits of PPC

PPC (pay per click) is a form of internet marketing where businesses pay a fee for guaranteed visibility and/or clicks to their website. This marketing method is most commonly used in search engine results pages and social media.

Whilst search engine PPC will guarantee you a certain amount of clicks to your website, social media PPC allows your posts to be visible to users who do not follow you. Your advertisement is placed directly in their news feed, providing exposure and encouraging sales or other interaction with your business.

The main benefit of search engine PPC is that it is cost-effective. The cost of the keyword you bid on is reduced, based on the quality score that your paid advertisement receives from Google.

Your quality score is interpreted based on relevancy between the search term ad your advertisement, as well as the quality of your ad’s landing page.

As Google views these to be beneficial to a visitor who clicks through, the cost is reduced. Considering that an interested person is clicking your website through your ad, the likelihood of a sale is much higher.

However on the social media side, PPC strategies provide the benefit of maximising your brand’s visibility in social media. Normally, a voluntary action on the side of the user is needed for your content to appear in their news feed.

However with PPC your advertisement is viewed by a guaranteed amount of people who otherwise would never see it.

With just a few users interested and purchasing through your ad, the cost of the ad itself is massively offset by the profit, and you maintain the value of having a huge number of people now aware of your business that were not before.