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Google Ads

10 Reasons To Start Your Google Ads Campaign Now

April 2, 2019

You have a huge positive if you are running a small business that operates with a limited budget.


Reading time: 8 minutes.

1- There’s NO Minimum Investment

You have a huge positive if you are running a small business that operates with a limited budget.

Honestly, even if you have a large marketing budget you most likely don’t want to risk a lot of money up front to test out a new marketing channel.

With Google Ads, there is no minimum investment or monthly ad spend, which means there’s much less of a risk when compared to other advertising options with larger upfront costs.

Some Keywords cost more than others, but if you’re realistic with your budget and with the market you’re competing in, Google Adwords is a great option.


2- You Only Pay For Results

Not only is Google Adwords affordable, but you also only pay when you get results.

With PPC “pay-per-click” advertising, you’re doing just that- paying each time someone clicks your ad -.

If your campaign is set up correctly, incorporating relevant keywords and negative keywords, then the clicks you’ll pay for will be good prospects for your business.

Plus, remarketing in Google Ads helps you to target people who have clicked on your ad in the past, but haven’t converted yet.

This helps you follow up and stay top-of-mind with prospective customers.


3-  Google Ads Show Up at the Perfect Time

When someone takes the time to search in Google, they are usually looking for something at the exact moment. This gives businesses an amazing opportunity to get in front of prospects at the exact moment when they are making a buying decision.

Google Ads is essentially the Yellowpages of digital marketing, but it’s even better because you can choose to advertise for any keyword you think your prospective customers will search when they’re looking to purchase your products or service. 3-  Google Ads Show Up at the Perfect Time


4- Google Ad Show Up in the Perfect Place

Timing is extremely important but won’t help if your ads aren’t being shown to the customers in your local area.

Google Ads allows you to choose geographical targeting that will ensure your ads are only displayed to prospects in your market. If you’re a local business, this means you can choose the mileage radius that customers will typically visit your business from.

For example, if you’re a dentist and you’ve found that most of your patients live within a 15-mile radius of your office, you can choose to only advertise to people who live within that radius, ensuring that prospects are in the perfect place to turn into customers.


5- Ads Engages Your Target Customers

Video content is an extremely effective form of content marketing. In fact, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video and YouTube reports almost 100% growth every year.

You might be asking yourself, “what does that have to do with Google AdWords?”

YouTube advertising is managed through Google AdWords. That means using AdWords provides businesses with the opportunity to get their advertisements on YouTube videos that are related to your product or service. With over 4.9 billion videos being watched on YouTube each day, this provides a valuable opportunity for businesses using AdWords.


6- Google AdWords Helps Guide Your SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great investment because if your site is on page one, you don’t have to pay for the clicks to your website. However, SEO can take months, or even years, to get your business to rank on the first page of Google and requires constant effort to keep it there.

With Google AdWords, you can potentially get your website visible on page 1 of Google within hours, but of course, you have to pay for each click.

The key takeaway is Google AdWords gives you the ability to test different keywords and see if they drive sales for your business. You can use this information to inform your SEO strategy and make sure you are investing your budget on keywords that will actually generate sales once your website is ranking.


7- Built-In ROI Tracking

There’s no point in investing in advertising if you don’t know if it’s working. With Google AdWords, that will never be an issue.

AdWords has built-in capabilities that both track and report on your return on investment (ROI). The setup is fairly simple to complete on your own, or a web developer can quickly set your account up correctly.

Once setup is complete, you’re able to track web form submissions, e-commerce sales, phone calls, and even offline sales that were closed via phone calls or in person.

Plus, the reports will show you exactly which keywords and ads are driving the most sales, allowing you to allocate your budget accordingly and maximize your ROI.


8- Google’s Massive Reach

Today Google has elevated itself beyond a brand to a verb. The term “Google” is actually defined in the Merriam Webster Dictionary, as googling means: to use the Google search engine to obtain information about someone or something in the World Wide Web.

And that’s because, when people have a question that needs answering their first stop is usually Google.

The search engine handles an obscene over 2 TRILLION searches per year, that’s over 5 BILLION searches per day!

Among those are people looking for solutions to problems that your business can offer. If they’ve ever used the internet, chances are they’ve Googled the answer to something.

And if you can help them find the answer, even if it’s with an ad, they’re more likely to choose you than your competitor.


9- Harness Intent

The biggest difference between the people you’re reaching with Google Ads and the people you’re reaching with other forms of advertising is their intent.

On social media, for example, people aren’t looking to be advertised to. They’re not looking for solutions to the issues that plague their everyday lives. They’re looking for baby pictures and vacation photos and family updates. And when you advertise to someone who doesn’t want to be advertised to, there’s a better chance you get tuned out.

On the search network, you’re advertising to people who are looking for something specific that you are already offering.

Some experts even consider search as a form of inbound marketing as opposed to outbound advertising because they assist someone who has taken the first step to look for it.

Using Google Ads, let prospects come to you, then help them find answers, and you’ll put yourself in the best position to earn their business when they’re ready to pull out their wallet.


10- Get Quicker Results Than With SEO

Search engine optimization is still the backbone of the most highly visited sites. The posts and pages you see on page one aren’t just well-written with carefully researched keywords; they’re also on sites that have amassed a large number of backlinks over time (still the number one ranking factor for web pages)

It can be years before you get to see one of your own pages in the coveted first position for a broad keyword search term. Some businesses will never see it.

When you get started with Google Ads, your chance of leapfrogging all the organic results on a search engine results page grows exponentially, and it grows easier too.

There’s no endless search for links that will bump your page up just a little bit.

Start running ads and boost the odds people see you first thing on the results page where organic results don’t even appear until below the fold.

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