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10 Common Myths About Instagram You Should Stop Believing

April 2, 2019

Instagram, without any doubts, one of the most popular social platforms on the Earth in the meantime, and one of the most used platforms for digital advertising,


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Instagram, without any doubts, one of the most popular social platforms on the Earth in the meantime, and one of the most used platforms for digital advertising, it has proven its credibility in achieving high ROI and really outstanding results in the industry of digital marketing compared to other platforms.

You might be hesitated about creating an Instagram page for your business. This certainly sounds like a great idea but you have doubts like is it worth it? Perhaps your hesitation was caused by the information you found on the Internet where “social media marketing experts” claimed that Instagram was not a good platform for doing business.

If you have an Instagram account, you have probably seen a lot of business-related posts, which is a good sign that Instagram’s power to generate deals is quite strong.

However, to answer the main question, I am going to reveal some data including common mistakes and myths about Instagram advertising and the truth behind these myths.

At first, here’s what the internet has to say about the real performance of Instagram.

– There are more than 800 million Instagram users. that’s a vast pool of potential customers. Agreed?

– About 7 out of 10 hashtags used on Instagram are branded. This means that a lot of marketing campaigns use hashtags to reach their target audience.

– More than 70% of U.S-based businesses have Instagram profiles, and the number is growing every day.

– 80% of monthly active Instagram users follow at least one brand page. It means that Internet shoppers see the platform as an appropriate source of deals and news from brands.

So far, Instagram is looking pretty good. However, while these facts are certainly impressive, they may not explain all claims against Instagram. For example, some suggest that a business can generate revenue only if it has an enormous base of followers. Well, the best explanation is very simple: it’s a myth!

Why would the vast majority of U.S businesses even decide to go through all the trouble creating an Instagram page if they knew they were not going to generate profits? Just for fun?

Unfortunately, myths like this one are all over the Internet. That’s why they may be the main reason why you still have not decided to start investing some of your effort on Instagram. Revealing the truth and busting the myth would be an easy task, though.

That’s where the infographic 10 Myths About Instagram for Businesses comes in. It was created by designers from Proessaywriting who wanted to share the truth about opportunities of which you can take advantage.

It will give you the last inch of motivation you need to begin doing great things on this amazing social media network.

1- Instagram is Ineffective for Service-Based Businesses

Product-based businesses are not the only ones that can benefit from Instagram, a service-based business can also attract interest by posting freebies, testimonials, analytics. They improve credibility and create trust.


2- Only Professional Photos Should Be Used

It is commonly assumed that professional photos are best for Instagram marketing, and one should not use photos made with a smartphone. However, thousands of businesses have succeeded without professional photos because they edited them in popular apps such as ColorStory and PicTapGo.


3- Follow Others to be Followed

Not so many Instagram users return the favour of following businesses or ignore follow requests because, well, they have all the rights to do so. A better way to grow your audience is to create appealing and helpful content.


4- I Don’t Need a Strategy For Instagram

A business having no particular marketing strategy will fail because of the fierce competition. It ensures that you have no action plan to overcome various challenges you’ll face along the way. In fact, many businesses try out different strategies to see which works best.


5- Marketing Results Are Unmeasurable

Iconosquare, website, and Crowdfire are just a few examples of tools that businesses can use to track their performance and adjust marketing strategy.


6- You Can’t Get Leads From Instagram

Another myth that can easily be busted. For example, using a website link is a way to generate leads; the next one is hashtags that can get you to the top posts.


7- Posting Once a Week is an Effective Strategy

One post per week will make many followers leave because they don’t appreciate inactivity. People wish to see fresh content every day because that’s how you keep your account relevant.


8- A Lot of Images Produces Engagement

A post featuring only visual content is not a great way to gain followers. Instead, you should have a plan for your content, and text should always be there because it helps viewers to engage and respond.


9- Small Account Cannot Reach Target Audience

Thanks to recent algorithm changes on Instagram, the platform favours the accounts that produce great and popular content. So, just show people content they want to see to get ahead.


10- Can Make Money Only With a Huge Base of Followers

The number of followers is not the deciding factor. Here, on the other hand, targeting and understanding the target audience plays a profound role because when you tailor your offers to meet the audiences real needs, good things happen.



Instagram has proven its credibility in achieving high ROI, and delivering high conversion rates for small, medium or even large businesses and taking them to the next level, so what are you waiting for? Contact us and learn more about Instagram advertising and how you should start your campaign, and take your business to the next level.


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